China's Soft Power
Route Approved for China-Backed Canal in Nicaragua
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  • PKCasimir

    Not a word about financing or construction, etc. And they plan to start construction in six months. Right! Pigs will fly before this ever gets built.

    • Andrew Allison

      And, if it does get it built, how will it make money. Panama will have spent about $7 billion to accommodate the vast majority of oversized vessels, and US ports perhaps even more to accommodate them. The former will be able to offer relatively attractive rates for passage of New Panamax vessels, the latter may prove reluctant to start over. Will shipping commodities from Atlantic South America and Africa to China suffice to make it viable?

  • Andrew Allison

    That would be Punta Gorda, I believe (you can’t trust Reuters to fact check its reports).

  • Jacksonian_Libertarian

    The Chinese are smoking crack! We see this type of thing when economic bubbles are about to burst. Remember when the Japanese were going to own the World, and Tokyo was valued as worth the same as all of the continental US? China is about to hit the wall, and I still can’t name a single worldwide brand out of China like Sony, Toyota, Samsung, Intel, Apple, Google, etc… nothing they make or produce is unique, developed, or created in China.

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