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brave new world
brave new world
Royal Navy Out of Missiles, Switching to Guns

It’s still (relatively) early days, but this is not a good sign for how our traditional allies are going to handle the Trump moment—or how Britain is handling Brexit.

brave new world
Men Don’t Have to Go “Pink” to Thrive

We need to carefully think through a lot of our assumptions about gender roles, and build kinds of educational and social systems to help our boys succeed.

brave new world
Is It Time to Reimagine Masculinity?

Just as the social revolutions inspired by the last 200 years allowed new ideals of femininity to emerge, so masculinity is due for a rethink and a redevelopment.

brave new world
War in Peace

Cyberspace has brought about an era of persistent confrontation.

brave new world
Welcome to the Cyber Age

As evidence of hacking by foreign powers into voting machines surfaces, it would be good to hear from candidates for office about their plans to defend the country from the growing cyber threats.

brave new world
State-Sponsored Hackers Have Had Access to US Government for “Years”

It’s not known who the hackers might be, although if past experience is any guide, Chinese and Russian involvement is a possibility.

brave new world
Russia Probes Undersea Cables

Vladimir Putin’s Russia, always looking for weaknesses to exploit in the international system, appears to be ready to disrupt the global economy in times of conflict.

brave new world
The Politics of a Panic

Richard Beck explains 1980s-era child abuse hysteria as part of a traditionalist backlash, but he sidesteps the role of progressive politics in moral panics, past and present.

brave new world
U.S. Promises Retaliation for OPM Hack

The Obama Administration says that it will retaliate against those responsible for the OPM hack. But the White House, like everyone else, isn’t quite sure what that would look like.

brave new world
OPM Hack Effects Could Be “Exponential”

Thought you were safe from China’s latest hack because you don’t work for the government? Think again.

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separation of powers

The third branch could be a bulwark against Trump’s potential abuses of power.

Crude Economics

America’s rig count is rising, and it’s only going to climb further after OPEC’s decision to cut output.

Crude Economics

Moscow just promised to cut its oil output, but that promise rings hollow.

Asia's Game of Thrones

China’s seizure of Singapore’s troop carriers is a power move that sends a signal about Beijing’s displeasure with the Lion City.

Burma's Rohingyas

Outrage at Myanmar’s leader for her inaction on the Rohingya demonstrates the continuing failure of human rights activists to understand the world or develop wise strategies for dealing with it.

Looking Ahead

Nancy Pelosi’s re-election at House Minority Leader suggests that even the 2016 disaster has not yet weakened the establishment’s iron grip over Democratic power centers.

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