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Christmas Violence Forces Germany to Face Hard Truths
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  • James_Eric

    A rather sobering assessment of the world situation. Henry Kissinger was once asked if
    he had to choose between justice and stability in a matter of international
    power, what it would be. Kissinger said he would chose stability, but added that
    if it came down to such stark choices, it would be because of a failure of
    policy. The problem is to bring justice to bear on the solutions of problems of stability, kind of like
    squaring a circle. It can be done, but I’m not hopeful it will be, even if 2017 is a year of grace.

  • Boritz

    Margaret Thatcher informed us that the facts of life are conservative. Conservatives accept this as axiomatic. Liberals accept it when their head is in a vice of their own making.

  • Jim__L

    ” This is how tragedy works: people make necessary but painful decisions
    as their circumstances worsen, and in the end find themselves thinking
    and doing things they thought were impossible and appalling.”

    So what is worse: to keep migrants out of Germany but maintain a strong stance against Big Brother, or to embrace both Refugees and Big Brother simultaneously?

  • Jacksonian_Libertarian

    Socialism has seriously damaged and weakened Western Culture, and its creation Modern Civilization. With the weakening of Western Culture, growth stagnates, and parasitic inferior cultures become relatively stronger and more powerful as they leverage western technologies they could never have created.

    The worst of the Leftist Ideologies is “Multiculturalism”, which states that all cultures are equal (German Western Culture vs. Islamic Culture), when this is obviously a lie. The Leftists have twisted “Equality before the Law” which is a necessary step for Justice, into something unrecognizable in “All Cultures are Equal”. When it’s clear Cultures can and should be Judged by their success in supplying the needs of their members.

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