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Still Separate and Unequal

America's poorest students need extra educational resources just to keep pace with their more privileged peers. Instead, they get less—and teachers, principals and unions get blamed for the outcome.

Hacking the Next War

Cyber security is an ultra-modern challenge, but we could learn a lot about it by examining how pre-modern European city-states managed their defenses.

Turn Your Radio On

The former director of Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty assesses what's right and what's wrong with U.S. broadcasting policy.

Finding the Founding

Scholars are fond of criticizing ideologues who ransack history for useful material to promote contemporary agendas. It turns out that many scholars do more or less the same thing.

Hope in the Searching

Walker Percy distrusted the esoteric and the arcane, looking instead to the concrete and the quotidian as a bridge to faith and meaning. A man of both the American South and the Catholic Church, his novels and essays never evince a claim to know any mortal's destination—only the value of the journey.

Black and White No Longer

American society is neither post-racial nor stuck fast in a racist past, but fantasies of monolithic racial communities are distorting our national conversation on race and public policy.

Transcending the Poverty Industry

Federal anti-poverty efforts have relied too heavily on solutions cooked up in academia and inside the Beltway. We already have plenty of proven programs—at the local level.

Whatever Became of the Raucous Caucus?

The Congressional Black Caucus is no longer the flamboyant organization it was at its birth in the late 1960s, but it's still worth listening to.

The Open Fields of November

American politics today is far more volatile than in the past. That makes predicting what will happen in November a temptation for fools. Expect a massive failure to resist temptation.

What Newt Means

The Newt Gingrich campaign amused the pols and pundits, but what it says about future primary contests isn't the least bit funny.

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Walter Russell Mead & Staff

The inability to pass the easiest of trade deals with Canada speaks to a deeper structural crisis at the heart of the continent.

After the Elections

Fair enough. But some of the Realpolitik Russia won’t like.

Shale Is Hale

Welcome to the era of the “monster frack.”


And get this: it’s because the industry already got the subsidies it wanted.

Putin's Patronage

The rebound of Russia’s largest oil company appears to be a major success story, but the truth is more complicated.

TAI elsewhere

Jason Willick on the inadequacy of the donor class vision for the Republican Party.

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