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Jason Willick
Jason writes about domestic politics, policy and social issues for TAI. You can follow him on Twitter @jawillick.
institutions and legitimacy
The Biggest Threat to the Media is the Media Itself

if the fourth branch is diminished in the Trump era, it will have only itself to blame.

defending liberalism
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The Danger of President Obama’s Farewell Address

The president’s farewell remarks collapsed America’s crisis of governance into a partisan left-right squabble.

the perils of Trump
A Leftist Who Gets It

The real risk of the Trump presidency.

red vs. blue
Blue States Have Bigger Pension Debts Than Red States

Even when controlling for GDP, blue states are still clearly in a deeper hole.

Fake News and False Consciousness
Zuckerberg’s Gamble

Facebook is taking a major and controversial step to appease its mostly-liberal post-election critics.

Immigration Debate
Democrats Don’t Have the Vocabulary to Oppose Trump’s Labor Secretary

By buying in so fully to the language of cosmopolitanism, the Democrats may have undermined their best defense against a fast food CEO who as Labor Secretary might seek to undo many priorities of the economic Left.

media watch
Fake News Hysteria Will Make the Fake News Problem Worse

The panic over fake news is a manifestation of the same attitude that led the mainstream media to lose authority in the first place.

separation of powers
Why Democrats Might Be Thankful for the Roberts Court

The third branch could be a bulwark against Trump’s potential abuses of power.

confirmation bias
The New Yorker Exposes a Fake News Fraud

The anti-Trump establishment falls prey to conspiracy theorizing and paranoia.

Donald Trump's World
Alex Wong/Getty Images
Goldman Sachs Populism

Those looking to counter the Trump Administration and police its inevitable abuses need to understand the real nature of the President-elect’s populist appeal.

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Recent Via Meadia
Walter Russell Mead & Staff

The real stumbling block to Democratic legislative power.

brave new world

An Australian account of China’s gains doubles as a bleak assessment of Obama’s legacy in the region.

Crude Economics

London is using both carrot and stick to keep offshore oil output up.

Greeks Bearing Debts

Greece’s recurrent crisis is the result of bad Greek and German decisions alike. Only one is in year eight of a depression as a result.

Frack Baby Frack

Abundant shale gas brought natural gas prices to historic lows—and made the US a net exporter of the hydrocarbon.

WRM Elsewhere

Walter Russell Mead tackles the question.

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