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Jason Willick
Jason writes about domestic politics, policy and social issues for TAI. You can follow him on Twitter @jawillick.
the 45th president
Making Sense of Trump’s Bull Market

In the case of a slowdown, the floor could fall out from under Trump more quickly than he or his boosters expect.

Donald Trump's World
“Negative Polls” and the Essence of Populism

Above all, Trump’s populism represents a daunting political challenge to his opponents.

the high court
After Gorsuch

The fight over Gorsuch is going to be loud and raucous, but it’s the nominee after him that’s likely to push the Court into dangerous, uncharted waters.

American Balkanization
This Is How the Country Breaks Apart

A California policy shows how the architecture of federalism could start to break down.

convenient illusions
Is Trump an Ordinary Republican?

Both parties should be more honest about the President’s real ideology (or lack thereof).

institutions and legitimacy
The Biggest Threat to the Media is the Media Itself

if the fourth branch is diminished in the Trump era, it will have only itself to blame.

defending liberalism
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The Danger of President Obama’s Farewell Address

The president’s farewell remarks collapsed America’s crisis of governance into a partisan left-right squabble.

the perils of Trump
A Leftist Who Gets It

The real risk of the Trump presidency.

red vs. blue
Blue States Have Bigger Pension Debts Than Red States

Even when controlling for GDP, blue states are still clearly in a deeper hole.

Fake News and False Consciousness
Zuckerberg’s Gamble

Facebook is taking a major and controversial step to appease its mostly-liberal post-election critics.

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Recent Via Meadia
Walter Russell Mead & Staff

Trump voters were right that the nation needs change and that the “best and the brightest” are failing the nation the way they did during the Vietnam War.

Mullah Mismanagement

Many multi-ethnic states have broken down over the past 150 years, and Iran risks going the same way.

Presidents' Day

Presidents’ Day is a holiday about nobody that teaches nothing.

Crude Economics

They’re cutting consumption at home to keep exports up.


Europe’s elections may not offer the fertile ground for “fake news” that is commonly assumed.

the trillion dollar question

A massive infrastructure package is high on the administration’s list of priorities, but actually bringing this idea to fruition will be harder than it looks.

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