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Jason Willick
Jason writes about domestic politics, policy and social issues for TAI. You can follow him on Twitter @jawillick.
separation of powers
Why Democrats Might Be Thankful for the Roberts Court

The third branch could be a bulwark against Trump’s potential abuses of power.

confirmation bias
The New Yorker Exposes a Fake News Fraud

The anti-Trump establishment falls prey to conspiracy theorizing and paranoia.

Donald Trump's World
Alex Wong/Getty Images
Goldman Sachs Populism

Those looking to counter the Trump Administration and police its inevitable abuses need to understand the real nature of the President-elect’s populist appeal.

return of history
Who Threatens Liberal Democracy?

The perils of painting Donald Trump as the sole avatar of the new authoritarianism.

institutions and legitimacy
Social Science Neglects Big Questions

Western academics should be asking deeper, more difficult-to-answer questions about human behavior.

Getty Images
“Fake News” Is the New “Bregret”

The self-destructive tendency of elites to chalk up ballot box defeats to voter ignorance.

The Trumpquake
David McNew/Getty Images
Will Trump’s Infrastructure Bill Be a Blue Model Boondoggle?

Donald Trump’s promise to spend hundreds of billions of dollars rebuilding U.S. infrastructure may create unusual political dynamics on Capitol Hill.

Identity Politics
At UVA, a Microcosm of Liberalism’s Woes

An episode at Thomas Jefferson’s university helps illustrate why the Democrats lost on Tuesday.

democracy and its discontents
Four Theses on the Electoral College

The case against America’s idiosyncratic election system isn’t as straightforward as you think.

higher education
Trump Administration Could Shake Up Campus Sex Wars

But don’t expect the reality on most campuses to move in a more libertarian direction.

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Walter Russell Mead & Staff
Pipeline Politics

Less crude traveling by pipeline just means more crude traveling by rail. That’s a danger to public health.

Blue Model Blues

The looming fiscal disaster is worthy of attention from the new Republican government in Washington.


So much for that “green” energy source.

Andrew Jackson Lives

Trump’s view on the subject helped him get elected.

After the deal

The cartel is only making the task ahead more difficult.

Back To The Burbs

Most people don’t actually want that hipster millennial lifestyle after all.

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