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Democratic Dysfunction
Brazil on the Brink

Jair Bolsonaro will not be the cause of democratic decay in Brazil. He’s better understood as a symptom of it.

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Protesting Everything (And Nothing)
Brazil’s Bitter Cup

Yes, Brazilians still love soccer, but they hate the World Cup and what it has come to represent: a prize whose luster will fade fast after the games are done and Brazil’s chronic economic problems remain.

Protesting Everything (and Nothing)

For the past few days, thousands of angry Brazilians have been flowing out into the streets of major cities in protest, paralyzing city centers, burning vehicles, looting and vandalizing stores, even attempting to storm government buildings in Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo and Brasilia.It’s quite frightening to watch so many people here in Brazil protesting […]

Dilma Rousseff Comes to Washington

Earlier this week, Dilma Rousseff made the same trip that several thousand Brazilians have become addicted to: a trip to the United States. Unlike Rousseff, most of those Brazilians are on a historically unique shopping spree. Even with the U.S. dollar growing a bit more expensive in the last few weeks, for ordinary Brazilian citizens […]

The Cordial Brazilian

Brazilians too readily accept recycled images of themselves.

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