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Todd Greentree
War on the Silver Screen
Joe Raedle/Getty Images
Hollywood’s Afghanistan

War movies can only be as serious as the wars they depict—and only as serious as we Americans are about fighting them.

Triple Feature: A Letter from Kandahar

Hollywood classics illuminate the complexities of Afghanistan.

On the Ground in Kandahar

You could say that we began going wobbly over Afghanistan in March, when the much-heralded new strategy embodied the best nation-building aspirations, but did not quite add up to a renewed declaration of war. There are good reasons too. It is a huge leap from calculating how much we can afford to lose to trying […]

A Letter from Bagram

A dispatch from a still-imbalanced front.

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Daily Feed
Hugging the News Cycle
How do you solve a problem like Korea?

As Chinese businessmen protest the latest sanctions, will China’s cooperation on North Korea last?


If you game it out, it’s not certain he will be able to pull it off.

Fracking Abroad

The UK could use that shale gas, but geology and public opinion remain major hurdles.

Asia's Game of Thrones

As the Sikkim border standoff festers, Sino-Indian tensions are flaring up in Kashmir.

Stupid Myths

President Trump made reference to a legend about General Pershing and pigs today. It’s untrue, and wouldn’t work. And he shouldn’t be tweeting it.

The North American Energy Boom

Build offshore oil rigs, not walls.

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