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The Caucasus After Ukraine

A look around the Caucasus shows that the various constituent countries have drawn vastly different lessons from the crisis in Ukraine.

Syria’s Civil War Could Destabilize the Caucasus

The situation in Syria today, now occupying the top slot on the international agenda, is about more than just the U.S.-Russia political compromise on chemical weapons. It is also about the interethnic and sectarian tensions driving Syria’s civil war. These tensions are echoing well beyond Syria itself, into the countries of the Greater Caucasus region, […]

More Than Meets the Eye

For some Iranians, the recent elections were a hopeful signal; for many outsiders, they were a signal for cautious optimism. But there’s one country that has good reasons to be skeptical of any good news from Tehran: namely, Israel. That skepticism has driven Israel to search far and wide for geopolitical partners in places that […]

A Patchwork Puzzle

The attack on the Boston marathon vividly highlighted, with anguish unparalleled in the post-9/11 period, the security challenge posed to the United States by terrorism. Unlike the attacks on the Twin Towers and the Pentagon, however, these attacks were perpetrated not by terrorists from the Middle East or Southeast Asia but from the Russian North […]

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