Matthew McDonald
Picturing Nigeria
Royals and Regalia

A new exhibit on Nigeria’s royals shows that the country’s greatest asset is its dizzying array of ethnic groups and languages.

Boko Haram on the March
West Africa’s Refugee Problem

Boko Haram’s recent attacks in Baga and elsewhere have created 20,000 refugees in only two weeks. Those displaced will stretch the resources of Nigeria’s fragile neighbors who already face Boko Haram raids of their own.

Putin and Pegida

Putin’s Russia and Germany’s Far Right are a match made in heaven. Just ask Marine Le Pen, who has been accepting Russian rubles to fund her campaign since November.

Terror in Nigeria
Boko Haram Uses Child Bomber

Boko Haram militants hoisted a bomb on a ten-year-old girl in one of the terror group’s most heinous attacks yet.

Loco Boko
Another Kidnapping Rocks Nigeria

Nigeria had a terrible week, as Boko Haram kidnapped more than 100 people and 54 soldiers were condemned to death for mutiny.

Upside-Down Europe
The Far-Right in the Far North

Backlash against rising immigration is boosting far-right parties throughout the EU, and Sweden is the latest host to a political dust-up over the issue.

Towards Russia With Love
Putin’s European Fan Club

Europe’s extreme politicians love to contrast Putin’s masculine statebuilding with the state of emasculated Europe under the aegis of American military control. Marine Le Pen’s 9 million euro sweetheart deal with a Russian bank only highlights the friendly ties between Vladimir Putin and the European far right and left.

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