Kirk Bennett
The Kremlin’s Endgame
How Russia Plans to Win the “Hybrid War”

A speculative look into the Kremlin elites’ thought process in the struggle with the West.

The Hybrid War
Maria Butina and the Mortal Threat to Liberal Democracy

The Butina case highlights the insidious danger to our cherished notions of democracy and justice—not from Butina’s actual activities, but from the probable overreaction to them.

Serbia & Kosovo
The Case for a Territorial Swap

The presidents of Serbia and Kosovo have proposed an audacious resolution to the two countries’ longstanding conflict. They are prepared to take ownership of the process, and the proper response from the West is supportive non-interference.

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Blue Wave Coming?
Stalking the Wild Trump Voter

The biggest obstacle to unseating Trump is the hubris of American elites, who seem determined—however unwittingly—to keep the President’s base of political support intact.

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Delirium Trumpens
Some Dare Call It Treason

Trump’s Helsinki remarks impugned his judgment, not his loyalty, and the idea that disagreement with the intelligence agencies constitutes treason is profoundly disquieting.

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Trump Meets Putin
The Limits of US-Russian Summitry

No matter how fulsome the spirit of bonhomie in Helsinki might be, fundamental differences in U.S. and Russian interests and perspectives sharply limit the possibilities of finding common ground. Nevertheless, an emerging disconnect in Russian and Iranian interests in Syria might conceivably create an opening for a limited Russian-American understanding there.

Countdown to the NATO Summit
NATO and European Security in the Trump Era

Donald Trump, the great scourge of multilateralism and the Liberal World Order, might actually provide the impetus for remedying the advanced case of dry rot afflicting Euroatlantic security arrangements.

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By Any Means Necessary
Russiagate and the Deep State

The utility of the Mueller investigation has not been the uncovering of collusion, or even in the badgering of an Administration perceived as loathsome. Rather, it has allowed American elites to avoid facing uncomfortable questions about the factors that put Trump in the White House.

Russia and the West
What Gorbachev Did Not Hear

The Soviets did not receive any blanket assurance about NATO enlargement in 1990-91. More to the point, NATO’s post-Cold War enlargement is not the reason for the current crisis in European security.

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Chaos and Collusion
Carter Page, Useful Idiot

The demonization of Carter Page highlights the most alarming aspect of our recent domestic political turmoil—a disturbing conviction that basic standards of truth or fairness must not be allowed to deflect from the paramount objective of toppling Trump.

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