John C. Kornblum
EU at the Brink of Crisis

As the euro saga unrolls before our eyes, one thing is becoming clearer: the structure surrounding the euro has its weaknesses, but the crisis is not really about the currency at all. We are beginning to understand that this is as much a crisis of EU governance and political mentality, as of the economic policies […]

From the Middle to the Center

[T]he Germans are the most impenetrable, hardest to define, most contradictory, least transparent, most incalculable, most surprising and self-intimidating of any people. They escape easy definition. —Friedrich NietzscheHas Germany become more normal over the past two decades? More normal than what? Today’s Federal Republic behaves quite logically for the situation in which Germany finds itself, […]

Reagan’s Brandenburg Concerto

Marking the 20th anniversary of Ronald Reagan's "Tear Down This Wall" speech.

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