Carolyn Stewart
Composite by Danielle Desjardins
The Bulldog Behind the Easel
Churchill’s Canvases

A new book explores the artwork of Winston Churchill, and finds surprising resonances between his artistic legacy and his political one.

Spirit of the Dead Keep Watching (1892) via Wikimedia Commons
Reframing Gauguin
The Skeletons in the Gallery

How should audiences—and art institutions—grapple with the immoral legacies of great artists?

Metropolitan Museum of Art
Art and Truth
The Faces of Cézanne

The portraits of the master, collected for the first time since his death, offer an antidote to preoccupations with our self-images.

© Salzburger Festspiele / Ruth Walz
Opera for a Shattered World
All’s Atonal on the Western Front

This year’s Salzburg Festival performance of Alban Berg’s 1925 opera Wozzeck captures the essence of World War I and the violent potential of mankind’s dehumanizing tendencies.

Art and Self
You Probably Think This Art Is About You

How selfie-taking reconfigures our relationship to art.

Uncivil Society
Shooting the Messenger

Courteous behavior faces a structural disadvantage on social media—to our cost.

Culture and Politics
In Putin’s Russia, Art Looks at You

What you can learn about Russian geopolitics at an art show in Venice.

Wikimedia Commons
Portrait of the Artist
Caillebotte, Patron Saint of the Outcasts

Thanks to an exhibition hosted by the National Gallery of Art, museumgoers are getting an uncensored, rich, and occasionally rough-around-the-edges view of a key Impressionist in his formative stages.

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