Bruno Maçães
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American Grand Strategy
Trump’s Pivot to Eurasia

If Obama pivoted to Asia, then Trump has pivoted to Eurasia. American decision makers seem increasingly aware that the new center of gravity in world politics is not the Pacific and not the Atlantic, but the Old World between the two.

William Sadler, The Battle of Waterloo via Wikimedia Commons
Eurasia Rising
America’s Pivot from the West

A new world is emerging. The collective sense in Washington—by no means limited to Trump—is that Western idealism has become unmanageable.

The Trump Doctrine

As the fulcrum of power moves away from the West, so does America. This fact lies at the core of the President’s intuitions about the world.

Wikimedia Commons
Eurasian Futures
Two Belts, Two Roads

The emergence of the Indo-Pacific concept shows how our mental maps are being redrawn in Asia—with geopolitical implications that are only beginning to come into view.

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