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WRM Elsewhere
WRM Elsewhere
WATCH: WRM Discusses Theology and U.S. Foreign Policy

WRM speaks on the theological underpinnings of American foreign policy.

WRM Elsewhere
WATCH: WRM Discusses Populism and Europe

WRM was on Charlie Rose on Thursday.

WRM Elsewhere
How Will Trump Compare to Past Presidents?

Walter Russell Mead tackles the question.

WRM Elsewhere
Some Reflections on Jacksonianism and American Elites

Walter Russell Mead was on the Federalist Radio Hour yesterday for an unmissable conversation with host Ben Domenech.

WRM Elsewhere
Thoughts on Trump

Watch WRM share his early thoughts on the coming Trump presidency.

WRM Elsewhere
Wilson’s European Triumph

Europe wasn’t always quite as idealistically naive as it appears to be today. For the EU to avoid catastrophe, its leaders need to rediscover their predecessors’ hard-headed realism.

WRM Elsewhere
Nationalism Is Not the Only Way

Read our own Walter Russell Mead in Mosaic, where he argues that neither “nationalist particularism” nor “cosmopolitan universalism” is “the answer to the human condition.”

WRM Elsewhere
A Conversation with Tony Blinken

WRM discusses foreign policy with the Deputy Secretary of State.

WRM Elsewhere
The President’s Foreign Policy Legacy

As public opinion shifts, the Jeffersonianism of President Obama and Sen. Rand Paul is hard hit.

WRM Elsewhere
WATCH: WRM Interviews Rabbi Jonathan Sacks

Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks discusses his new book, “Not in God’s Name,” which explores the roots of religious extremism.

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Walter Russell Mead & Staff
WRM Elsewhere

WRM speaks on the theological underpinnings of American foreign policy.

Policy Shop

The Administration should hold the line on eliminating state and local tax deduction.

Feeding the Future

A wary Chinese public is rejecting GM crops.

Higher Education Watch

University administrations have leaned too far over their skis in an effort to win more guilty findings.

Asia's Game of Thrones

Don’t expect a tough line on Beijing to come out of this year’s summit.


Warsaw just purchased its first cargoes of American LNG.

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