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The North American Energy Boom
The North American Energy Boom
Is America Ready to Be a Major Natural Gas Exporter?

Maybe so, but market conditions won’t make it easy.

The North American Energy Boom
Canada’s Oil Sands Looking Like a Smart Bet

Existing Albertan oil sands operations are poised for big growth in the coming years.

The North American Energy Boom
US Shale Gas Is Powering Mexico

Our southern neighbor is benefiting from the shale boom, too.

The North American Energy Boom
Canada to Follow America’s Energy Lead

New estimates say our northern neighbor will boost its oil output 28 percent by 2030.

The North American Energy Boom
Build Pipes, Not Walls?

Companies are busy building out pipeline infrastructure to send America’s glut of shale gas southward to Mexico.

The North American Energy Boom
A New Energy Juggernaut Emerges

Canada has its oil sands, the United States has its shale boom, and now Mexico has its energy reforms. Add those three recent energy trends together, and you’ve got yourself a recipe for a North American energy powerhouse. A new report from the Energy Information Administration paints an even rosier energy future for the US and North America.

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