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The Fracas in Caracas
The Fracas in Caracas
Venezuela’s Hunger Games

With Venezuela’s generals now in charge of the country’s shrinking food supply, it’s only a matter of time before the people turn against them too.

The Fracas in Caracas
Venezuela Crisis’ Latest Victim: Beer

Polar makes 80% of the beer in Venezuela—or used to.

The Fracas in Caracas
Venezuela Adopts Two-Day Workweek

Government employees told to only show up Monday and Tuesday.

The Fracas in Caracas
Venezuela Takes Permanent Three-Day Weekend

Maduro expands the weekend. Venezuelans are not likely to celebrate.

The Fracas in Caracas
In Venezuela, Big Showdown Ahead

The opposition, led by the National Assembly, has orchestrated a coordinated campaign to oust Maduro. Street protests are planned for tomorrow.

The Fracas in Caracas
After Election, Venezuela Paralyzed

Socialists withdraw, deny opposition a quorum.

The Fracas in Caracas
Venezuela’s President Scapegoats Colombian Immigrants

The country’s problems are about far, far more than immigration, and Maduro’s attempt to blame Colombians won’t change that.

The Fracas in Caracas
Congress Approves Venezuela Sanctions

Maduro and his henchmen are evil, as well as buffoonish. But is this the best way to handle them?

The Fracas in Caracas
Venezuela Outdoes The Onion

Venezuela attempts to ration groceries by using fingerprint scanner—with predictable results.

The Fracas in Caracas
Venezuela Teetering on the Brink of Default

Despite Venezuela’s vast resources, Chavismo continues to ravage the country’s economy.

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Walter Russell Mead & Staff
Risky Business

The Long March toward a Chinese meltdown continues.

Make NATO Great Again

Is this the Trump effect?

Terror in the Philippines

The Philippine president cut short his Russia trip to deal with a terrorist outbreak at home.

The Nork's Nukes

As North Korea’s missile progress proceeds apace, the U.S. is coming ever closer to a binary choice: war with North Korea or acceptance of its deterrent.

cost cost cost

A state-run insurance system would cost more than California spends on all other public services—education, police, pensions, and more—combined.

Energy Innovation

How close are renewables to a shale-like boom?

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