The Fracas in Caracas
Venezuela Outdoes The Onion
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  • Corlyss

    The Onion story wasn’t really a joke. That’s why stores put a checker with a register at the exit of the self-check out stations – the machines screw-up so often and the human checker can clear the machines and check out the frustrated shopper. I particularly like the machines that go ballistic when I put something in a bag that hasn’t first been placed on the little shelf to the left. It’s a glitch. The machines are kind of like Nomad on the original Star Trek show “The Changeling.” They really want to shout “Error! Error! Error!” but they weren’t programed to do so. So they say something like “Unauthorized item in the bagging area!” and just repeat it till I get the human checker to burp them.

  • Jacksonian_Libertarian

    Let’s face the fact that the stupid Venezuelans who voted for Hugo Chavez are no different than the stupid Leftists in American that have voted Twice for the Leftist Obama, who is trying to implement policies identical to those of the idiot Hugo Chavez. We can only thank our luck that the American Democracy has more momentum, and can’t be changed as quickly as the infant Democracy in Venezuela or we would all be now tearing up our libraries for toilet paper.

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