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Take That Malthus
Take That Malthus
Rediscovering Gaia’s Riches

The discoveries of new water supplies for parched California and a massive new reserve of helium in Africa pile fresh dirt on Malthus’s grave.

Take That Malthus
Hyper-Efficient Indoor Vegetable Factories Prove Malthus Wrong, Again

A new type of indoor farming grows large crops in small spaces, and could be the latest reason to thumb your nose at a Malthusian.

Take That Malthus
The Office of Tomorrow is Green

Smart technology is helping modern workplaces save time, money, and—listen up, greens—energy. But the green workplace strategy with the most potential does away with the office altogether.

Take That Malthus
Here's How We Feed the Future

The total amount of land used to grow crops has declined since 1998, while the global food supply has increased. We’re growing more with less, and proving environmentalist fear-mongers wrong in the process.

Take That Malthus
Are the Water Wars Receding?

Israel just had its driest recorded winter, but it isn’t afraid of a water shortage. Desalination technology has come a long way, making predictions of a worldwide freshwater crisis seem far less likely to come true.

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Walter Russell Mead & Staff
What's In a Deal?

Support for the Paris deal is coming from surprising places—Republican lawmakers, corporate America, and the fossil fuel industry.


A new elite initiative to shield itself from accountability.

National Insecurity

The breaches of American security during the past eight years were even worse than we knew.

Europe's War on the Internet

Germany adopts, EU considers, new restrictions on internet speech. But is ideology or protectionism to blame?

One Man; One Vote

As party leader, Erdogan will further guarantee his personal control of the state.

Going Ballistic

North Korea is giving no respite to South Korea’s new pro-engagement president.

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