Syria Spills Over
Syria Spills Over
Kurds Begin Cleansing Northern Syria of Arabs

In the real world, “state building” has often started with ethnic cleansing—and we’re witnessing that process right now in the Middle East.

Syria Spills Over
Al-Qaeda Fights Hezbollah in Lebanon

The Syrian Civil War spilled over into Lebanon again, as Hezbollah drove back a “major offensive” by al-Nusra fighters.

Syria Spills Over
From West to East: the Movement of Syrian Recruits

British citizens are attempting to travel to Syria to fight. The UK, like the rest of the West, can’t afford to ignore the civil war spilling across borders in the Middle East and beyond.

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Syria Spills Over
The Meaning of Mosul

The fall of Mosul and Tikrit to ISIS is a wake-up call to all the states of the region: It’s time to put an end to the Syrian civil war and the sectarian mayhem it has spawned.

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