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Shake Rattle and Oil
Shake Rattle and Oil
Oklahoman Regulators Double Down on the Earthquake Problem

Seismic activity is dropping after state regulators intervened, but their job isn’t done yet.

Shake Rattle and Oil
Oklahoma’s Quakes Quiet Down

The state’s seismic activity has fallen 43 percent this year.

Shake Rattle and Oil
Fracking Linked to Canadian Earthquakes

Scientists have drawn a connection between hydraulic fracturing and increased seismicity in Alberta.

Shake Rattle and Oil
Oklahoma Cracks Down on Drillers After Earthquake

After a 5.6 magnitude earthquake shook Pawnee, OK on Saturday, the state moved to halt wastewater storage in the vicinity.

Shake Rattle and Oil
EPA Acknowledges Fracking’s Earthquake Problem

The government agency echoed concerns over a pressing—but not fatal—flaw of the American shale boom.

Shake Rattle and Oil
USGS Says Millions at Risk From Oil and Gas-Related Quakes

Seven million Americans live in areas of increased risk for seismic activity as a result of drilling, according to a new government survey.

Shake Rattle and Oil
Oklahoma to Oil and Gas Industry: Quakes Aren’t OK

Worried about the recent rise in micro-earthquakes, Oklahoma slapped its oil and gas industries with a heavy new regulation.

Shake Rattle and Oil
Oklahoma Fracker Rejects Anti-Earthquake Regulations

Why an Oklahoma oil company is rejecting state anti-earthquake regulations, and why that matters for the shale industry.

Shake Rattle and Oil
Fracking’s Earthquake Problem, and How to Tackle It

Research has linked Oklahoma’s oil and gas industry with an uptick in earthquakes. Smart regulation is needed.

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