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Obamacare Fail
Obamacare Fail
Gray Lady Raises the White Flag on Obamacare

The New York Times has sorted through the chaos and come up with the conclusion that the Obamacare mess is serious, costly, damaging—and very, very hard to fix

Obamacare Fail
ACA Sign-Up Numbers: Not So Fast

The newest Obamacare enrollment stats put the number of Americans with ACA coverage at 11.4 million. But there are serious reasons to doubt that figure.

Obamacare Fail
The ACA Is in a Total PR Free-fall

A new poll, taken in the midst of a string of neutral or positive media coverage, shows undecideds breaking against the ACA. Obamacare may be losing the war of attrition.

Obamacare Fail
Hill Staffers Flee Obamacare

The commentariat is busy poring over the latest enrollment numbers for clues on Obamacare’s future, but on Capitol Hill, the verdict is already in. A poll of Hill staffers found that the vast majority are seriously concerned about their health plans under Obamacare—so concerned, in fact, that many of them may be driven to seek new jobs. As The Hill reports, of the 38 percent of staffers who are planning to get a new job next year, more than two-thirds cited health care costs as a major reason.

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Terror in the Philippines

The Philippine president cut short his Russia trip to deal with a terrorist outbreak at home.

The Nork's Nukes

As North Korea’s missile progress proceeds apace, the U.S. is coming ever closer to a binary choice: war with North Korea or acceptance of its deterrent.

cost cost cost

A state-run insurance system would cost more than California spends on all other public services—education, police, pensions, and more—combined.

Energy Innovation

How close are renewables to a shale-like boom?

Department of Can-Kicking

So much for a breakthrough.

The Noose Tightens

As Putin heads to meet French President Emanuel Macron next week, his security services are interrogating a celebrated Cannes-winning director in Moscow.

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