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Frack Alack
Frack Alack
Here’s What Our Fracklog Actually Looks Like

American shale producers have more than 5,000 wells ready to go should prices rebound.

Frack Alack
Shale Stumbles Abroad

The rest of the world is struggling to replicate America’s extraordinary success with shale oil and gas.

Frack Alack
Another Major Bites the Dust in China’s Shale

After two years ConocoPhillips is pulling out of a Chinese shale play in the Sichuan basin. Fracking is harder than the US makes it look.

Frack Alack
A Post-Mortem for European Shale

Shale has failed in Europe, as complex geology, entrenched local opposition and byzantine regulations have strangled the potential boom before it could begin.

Frack Alack
Why Shale Fails Abroad

No one is close to catching up to the American shale boom. Here’s why.

Frack Alack
Poland's Shale Struggles Continue

Warsaw desperately wants to wean itself off of dependence on Russian natural gas, but exploration of domestic shale reserves (fracking) has so far been a disappointment.

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Walter Russell Mead & Staff
Crude Economics

The decision to extend production cuts was as predictable as it was desperate.

deep state

The Manchester leaks are the product of a dangerously arrogant and unaccountable intelligence community.

Better Late Than Never

More, please.


The share of people who benefit from the stock market should be widening, not contracting.

Market Failure

The EU’s ailing Emissions Trading System is looking more useless than ever before.

Settled Science

Our worst-case climate scenarios are relying on outdated, incorrect coal data.

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