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Blue Meltdown
Blue Meltdown
Puerto Rico Girds for Default

The first of a set of defaults looks likely happen early this week, while Washington appears no closer to coming up with a solution to make the unraveling more ordered.

Blue Meltdown
What Democracy Doesn’t Look Like

$25,000 cash prize for voting in Los Angeles? Something sounds wrong.

Blue Meltdown
Detroit Seizes Homes to Fund Corruption

Detroit is foreclosing on homes whose owners failed to pay property taxes. This is the ugly state of the Great Society in many cities today: corruption and dysfunction funded by injustice.

Blue Meltdown
NYC's Disappearing Middle Class

The middle class is quickly disappearing in blue New York City—and many of Mayor de Blasio’s policies will accelerate that process. It turns out the rich wear blue the best.

Blue Meltdown
Young People Abandon Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico now has another problem on top of its ravaged finances and poor credit rating: citizens are fleeing the island in droves. Since the year 2000, Puerto Rico has lost nearly 300,000 people to the mainland—a large number of an island with a population of 3.6 million—and the exodus is only speeding up, with an average of 54,000 leaving the island over the past few years. And with the unemployment rate hovering near 15 percent, nearly double that of the mainland, the trend shows few signs of reversing.

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Minya Attack

28 Copts killed in point-blank attack on pilgrims.

Donald's European Vacation

There is no escaping that the leader of the Free World alienated much of the Free World yesterday in Europe.

Reefer Madness

There is a case for the federal government to err on the side of restriction and use some of the legal means at its disposal to curb the proliferation of cheap pot.

Crude Economics

The decision to extend production cuts was as predictable as it was desperate.

deep state

The Manchester leaks are the product of a dangerously arrogant and unaccountable intelligence community.

Better Late Than Never

More, please.

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