It’s Fatally Flawed

The Responsibility to Protect concept is not flawed because it’s hard to implement; it’s hard to implement because it’s a paragon of moral illogic.

Free Speech: What the Doctor Ordered

A December 2012 appellate court decision to allow off-label drug marketing withstands scrutiny, but you must know the case’s complex backstory to understand why.

Importing Innovation

A concerted effort to match the U.S. economy with complementary economies abroad can be a powerful engine of job creation. Bolstering the American-Israeli connection is a great place to start.

Jersey Shore Jeremiah

Bruce Springsteen is no mere musical entertainer, argues a new biography. The Boss is a multidimensional American cultural phenomenon—broken-soul mender, community-builder, proletarian troubadour, political preacher and marketing juggernaut all in one.

An Evolving Hope That’s Here to Stay

R2P can be a prod for effective humanitarian intervention, but not a recipe suited to particular cases. Implementation can improve, but it will never be easy.

Bought and Sold: The High Price of the Permanent Campaign

Calculating the costs of U.S. political campaigns over time is no simple task, but it doesn’t take an expert statistician to know that things have gotten out of hand.

Rogue Scholars

Understanding rogue or “outlier” states, and figuring out how to deal with them, remains a major international security challenge. Two books would tutor us, one more successfully than the other.

The Disabling of America

Noble intentions and some benign outcomes notwithstanding, the 1990 Americans with Disabilities Act has proved to be a very expensive legal monstrosity with dubious constitutional credentials.

Mechanical Spirits

Discerning the origins and nature of consciousness is the neuro- science challenge. Does “mind” reduce to “brain”, or not? If not, can information rolling recursively back on itself explain it?

The Strange Death of the Melon Baller

Bee Wilson’s history of the fork—and other kitchen appurtenances—shows us that we are how we eat as well as what we eat. Culinary tools have reflected cultural dispositions in surprising ways, and continue to do so to this very day.

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