Unfinished Business

Ten years after 9/11, intelligence reform is still a work in progress.

Intelligence as a Service Industry

Austerity and partisanship could derail U.S. intelligence reform.

The Anonymity Virus

Forget Wikileaks. The real scandal is anonymous government leaking.

A Few Knowledgeable Men

U.S. intelligence fetishizes data-manipulation over understanding.

Information Triage

We'll never be able to weed out leakers like Bradley Manning, but some common sense steps can reduce our risks.

A Night in Arzamas

How Tolstoy's obsession with mortality became a teachable moment.

Who’s a Russian?

It's not as straightforward a question as you might think.

The Euromess: A Letter from Madrid

A former EU parliamentarian and Spanish foreign minister sums up Europe's woes.

Too Many Secrets?

The intelligence community's classification system is broken.

The Revolution Will Not Be Tweeted

Debunking the transformational power of internet freedom.

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