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The Middle East Aflame
The Middle East Aflame
ISIS Attacks Mecca

Four alleged ISIS fighters dead amid shooting and explosions.

The Middle East Aflame
Turkey’s Two-Front War

Ankara is now squeezed between the fight against IS in Syria and the fight against the PKK at home.

The Middle East Aflame
The Syrian Civil War Comes to the Druze

After years of steering clear of the fight, Syria’s Druze are now in danger of being drawn into the war’s horrors.

The Middle East Aflame
Kurds Advance Against ISIS in Northern Syria

A Kurdish push in northeast Syria offers hope of linking up different Kurdish pockets into a unified territory.

The Middle East Aflame
Sectarian War in Saudi Arabia?

Saudi Shi’a start to arm in wake of latest bombing, sowing division within the Kingdom.

The Middle East Aflame
Al-Qaeda Seizes Seaport & Airport

The group, thought until recently to be overshadowed by ISIS, is back in the headlines.

The Middle East Aflame
The Meaning of Kobani

Whether Kobani falls or stands, it has become a defining moment of nationhood and identity for Syrian and Turkish Kurds.

The Middle East Aflame
Infighting Deflates Hopes for Iraqi Unity Government?

Both the Kurds and the Sunnis want to press Iraq’s parliament for better treatment. Can Baghdad afford prolonged negotiations while it continues to battle the ISIS threat?

The Middle East Aflame
Strange Bedfellows in Iraq Crisis

The rescuers of the Yazidis weren’t just any Kurds—they were PKK, and their presence is making an impact on the conflict in northern Iraq.

The Middle East Aflame
Why Didn't the U.S. Intelligence Services See ISIS Coming?

The failure to anticipate Maliki’s coup is only the latest in a long line of US intelligence problems, which also include the failure to take ISIS’ true measure.

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Walter Russell Mead & Staff
Red Tape

Trump is ready to streamline energy regulations, but that won’t be a big help to oil companies’ bottom line.

He Said He Said

All corruption revelations are due to tactical leaking in Russia. So who’s out to get Dmitry Medvedev?

Nuclear Strategy

A technical fix to America’s aging warheads could raise tensions with Russia by undermining its nuclear deterrent.

K-12 Blues

Teenagers from abroad overwhelmingly think that American schools demand less of them than schools in their home countries.

Crude Economics

Riyadh is effectively ceding market share directly to US frackers.

travails of Trumpcare

The GOP Congressional caucus is in chaos as it tries to ram through Obamacare repeal.

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