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The Evolution of Erdogan
The Evolution of Erdogan
EU, Erdogan on Collision Course

Turkish President won’t back down on anti-terror reforms for visas. Oh, and he’d like that €3bn in cash, please.

The Evolution of Erdogan
Erdogan in Charge

PM resigns, confirming—if anyone had any doubts left—who is really the boss in Ankara.

The Evolution of Erdogan
Young Kurds Bring Violence into Turkish Cities

Erdogan could have gone down in history as a man who helped heal one of Turkey’s most doleful divisions. Instead, he drove the Kurds and the Turks apart.

The Evolution of Erdogan
Sultan Erdogan Acquires a New Palace

The Turkish President announces that he will move into an old Ottoman palace in Istanbul.

The Evolution of Erdogan
After Elections, Erdogan Doubles Down

Turkey launches fresh attacks on Kurds amidst crack-down at home.

The Evolution of Erdogan
Kurds Mourn Dead—and Their Hopes for a Better Turkey

Erdogan has opted to undo his own good work on the Kurdish question for the sake of power.

The Evolution of Erdogan
Turkish Govt. to Charge Kurdish Party Chief

The AKP appears be playing hardball before the new elections.

The Evolution of Erdogan
Erdogan’s Economic Miracle Endangered

Bad news all around for the Turkish economy. It may make the upcoming parliamentary elections more exciting than Erdogan would wish—and hamper his plans to consolidate power.

The Evolution of Erdogan
Davutoglu vs Erdogan?

Reports suggest Erdogan’s handpicked successor may not be as pliant as thought.

The Evolution of Erdogan
Erdogan Retreats in Turkish Bank War

The President backs down from a fight with his central bank.

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The UK may have just found its biggest new reserve of offshore crude this century.

Land of the Rising Gun

Shinzo Abe is not letting the North Korean crisis go to waste.


The Obama Recovery didn’t do much for the housing sector.


Will we see a third ring of suburbs?

Asia's Game of Thrones

Time will tell if this strategy will backfire, generating more pushback from potential allies like South Korea.

Not Dead Yet

But this weekend’s protests, impressive as they were, are a long way from constituting a lasting threat to Putin’s power.

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