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Settled Science
Settled Science
Study Says Climate Change Is Making Snow Melt Slower

Another day, another surprising new study about climate science.

Settled Science
The Debate over Global Warming’s “Pause” Rages On

A new argument has erupted over an old, contentious climate study.

Settled Science
Climate “Quirk” Protecting US from Hurricanes

Another day, another revelation in the world of “settled” climate science.

Settled Science
Climate Uncertainty Grows

New research suggests climate models are overstating the cooling effects of clouds. This is bad news for two very different reasons.

Settled Science
Plants Absorb Much More Carbon Than Previously Thought

New research suggests that plants absorb much more carbon than previously thought, potentially explaining some of the problems with current climate models. Once again, the green claim that climate science is somehow “settled” is proven wrong.

Settled Science
How Little We Know About Our Climate

A new study suggests that we’ve been underestimating the amount of heat stored in the upper levels of our planet’s oceans by 24 to 55 percent. Just a reminder: Climate science is anything but settled.

Settled Science
New Study: Temperature Targets Are Ineffective Climate Policy Tools

Authors of a new study in the journal Nature argue that the well-known 2 degrees Celsius target, popular amongst climate activists and policymakers, is a poor metric by which to set climate policies.

Settled Science
The Most Futile March Ever

A loud Green march in New York City today drowned out an important essay on the unsettled nature of climate science in this weekend’s Wall Street Journal by a former Obama Administration official. We wish the activists had kept their carbon footprint lower by staying at home and grappling with the essay’s contents rather than traipsing to New York City for political theater.

Settled Science
Scientists: Break in Global Warming Could Last Until 2025

A new study suggests the recent slowdown in global warming could last for another decade. That’s good news in the short-term, but it highlights our woeful lack of understanding of our climate.

Settled Science
The Party of Pseudoscience?

Democrats are significantly more likely than independents and Republicans to believe that astrology is scientifically based, according to NSF research. So much for the “party of science” meme.

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