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Pivot to Asia
Pivot to Asia
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Who Lost the Philippines?

In today’s global economy, money speaks louder than morals. The next U.S. administration must factor that into its Asia policy.

Pivot to Asia
Bad Optics

This visit won’t make the Obama Administration’s middling legacy in Asia look any better.

Pivot to Asia
NYT Admits Obama’s Asia Policy Is No Success

It will be interesting to see how the intellectual and journalistic establishments process the gap between what Obama said he would accomplish and what actually happened on his watch.

Pivot to Asia
Duterte Says He’s Sorry

Japanese influence may make the Filipino President (somewhat) manageable, and keep him from getting too close to Beijing.

Pivot to Asia
Obama’s Dictatorship Tour Goes to Hanoi

The President fails to understand that security and values are mutually reinforcing, not an either/or proposition.

Pivot to Asia
SecDef Carter Talks Tough on China

The Secretary of Defense took a strong stand against China, warning that Beijing’s territorial ambitions risk provoking a U.S.-backed coalition of regional opponents.

Pivot to Asia
China's Air Defense Zone Drives Wedge Between US, Japan

The US “pivot”, and Washington’s enduring commitment to stability and prosperity in Asia, is one of the most important geopolitical strategies of the Obama administration. It is a bipartisan goal, and whoever takes office after President Obama will likely support it. But in this sensitive time, as rising China tests the US and other Asian powers, Washington mustn’t give its Asian allies any reason to doubt that the US is anything short of fully committed to the region for the long term.

Pivot to Asia
Mixed Messages From Washington Confuse Allies

Washington needs to get its ducks in a row. The different branches of the US government can’t be sending out mixed messages. Our allies in Asia are watching very closely to gauge the depth of the US commitment to stability in Asia. Diplomatic missteps, confusion, mixed messages, and incompetence will only further convince our allies that the US ship has sailed.

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General Mattis wants an early chance to roll back Iranian gains in the region, and despite the risks, Yemen seems like a tempting place to start.

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Events in Ivory Coast remind us that rising expectations produce more revolutions than poverty.


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Not much, it turns out.

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Some creative Italians have found a way to beat their country’s job-destroying Euro woes—and the powers that be have immediately organized to crush it.

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