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Pivot to Asia
NYT Admits Obama’s Asia Policy Is No Success
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  • Beauceron

    I’ve stopped even looking at the NYT.
    I will, on occasion, see a link to an article of interest on another site or on an aggregator site and go there, but otherwise I’ve just given up on it.

    • Boritz

      I occasionally click on one of their articles by accident. My bad.

  • Anthony

    WRM, what is a President to do – crumbling states (regimes) in Middle East – expend more American Treasure and Troops to an exhausting area; a rising Pacific Region – where the next five (U.S., China, India, Japan, and Germany) major economic players will contend throughout 21st century – that as you imply has geopolitical tensions (North Korea, China’s rising nationalism and CCP intensification, Japan, etc.); inchoate populism – Western dimensions – and an EU grappling with both Brexit and Russian (Putin) dynamics; yet Latin America and parts of Africa are trending westward (read United States). So, essentially, here we are at the threshold of a new administration and President Obama is viewed by many…but he touts the “long view” as you know WRM. At this point, Russia, China, and Iran will most likely continue doing whatever it is they have thus far (there’s only four months).

    • Blackbeard


      After eight years of stubborn, arrogant failure you are quite right to ask what can this president do. The answer, of course, is nothing. Our allies don’t trust him, our enemies don’t fear him, and it would be best if he would just shut up.

      But it could have been different. As an example let me remind you of one his very first blunders: When he unilaterally cancelled the limited ABM deployments Bush had negotiated in Poland and the Czech Republic. Our then friends in Eastern Europe had agreed, at considerable political cost, to host these missiles because they feared Russia, rightly as it turned out, and valued us as allies. Russia was adamantly opposed, naturally, because they knew it would crimp their plans for future nuclear blackmail.

      But Obama knew better. He pulled the rug out from under our allies, without even consulting them, and gave Russia an huge unearned foreign policy victory. His incredibly naive rationale was, supposedly, if we were nice to Russia they would then be nice to us. Well we can see how that worked out.

      That was the moment that our enemies began to see that this fool could be had, and our allies began to see that he wasn’t to be trusted. Now, after eight years of this, we are in a very deep hole, in Eastern Europe, in the Middle East, and in the South China Sea. It will take a generation to reverse this damage, if it can ever be reversed.

      Truly a transformational president.

      • Anthony

        Blackbeard, President Obama makes a easy target for this general audience – attack and the robotic responses pour forth. WRM correctly references NYT article but does not gleefully relish enumerated failings of sitting President – Obama may be many things to many of you but setting back anything is “truly a subjective” self-deception. Though I may not agreed with Derek Chollet, I am not blinded by Obama outrage when measuring an eight year administration. And my “WRM what is a president to do” provides cursory list of world existing in spite of rather than despite of a President you detest (if one may infer).

        • Jim__L

          This general audience gathered because WRM actually had the sense to criticize Obama early on, during his “honeymoon” phase — when 90% of America had a positive view of him.

          The fact that Obama has lost HALF of that support and good will is largely because he has indeed set our political comity back decades (by ramming through ObamaCare), our foreign policy back by decades (with his failures in Iraq, Russia, Egypt, Libya, Syria, China, Europe, and other places), and race relations back decades as well. While it is difficult to measure these phenomena, it is very hard to argue that Obama has made anything in this world (or this country) better for his having been president.

          Presidents are supposed to advance the interests of the United States in spite of world events. That is the job he signed up for — to take on all the obstacles we would face, and win out after all.

          Obama has quite frankly failed to do so, and his policy failures will lead to more dramatic and pronounced failures as the US continues on the path of decline that Obama has put us on.

          Our next president will have to succeed in spite of Obama. That’s what they’re signing up for. The Felon is guaranteed to fail in this. Taking a chance on an alternative is the only hope we’ve got.

          • Anthony

            Write to post not to me (your opinion of President Obama is meaningless to me).

      • seattleoutcast

        Let us not forget his attempt to establish a dialogue with Muslim nations, including the wonderful line from his Cairo speech: “More recently, tension has been fed by colonialism that denied rights and opportunities to many Muslims…” Many on the left seem obsessed with the desire to establish these dialogues, as if they actually work. The truth is, they are seen as weakness. (Palestine comes to mind.)

      • adk

        “After eight years of stubborn, arrogant failure…”

        Depends on what the real intent was. If you take Obama’s 2008 presidential campaign promise to “fundamentally transform” this country seriously, then both his foreign and domestic policies were stunningly successful.

  • gabrielsyme

    Putin, Xi and the mullahs of Iran don’t merely believe they can roll Obama and his regime of bien-pensant incompetents. They – most of all Putin – have proved it repeatedly.

    • Jim__L

      HRC would be more of the same.

  • Andrew Allison

    This inquiring mind wonders whether WRM plans to compound his two prior mistakes and vote for Obama 2.0, aka Crooked Hillary.

    • Tom

      My guess? Yes.
      What he should do is either vote McMillun or write-in somebody. But he probably won’t do that.

  • Jacksonian_Libertarian

    Asian Policy? How about his Russian Policy, or his Iranian Policy, or his Iraq Policy, or his Syrian Policy, or his Libyan Policy, or just point to everywhere Policy. Obama is the Worst President in American History, no one else even comes close.

    There’s a sarcastic quote going around “What I love about the Obama era is all the Racial Healing”, even where people had a right to expect some unity, Obama encouraged division, and tore apart much of the Racial Healing that had been achieved since the race riots of the sixties.

  • Jim__L

    “The world got worse on Obama’s watch, and it got worse in ways that he
    didn’t anticipate—and was unable to deal with. Not all of these problems
    were the President’s fault, of course, but it all adds up to a
    distinctly uninspiring record.”

    Even if none of these problems were President Obama’s fault, the fact that the world got worse on his watch would still be his responsibility.

    He will be judged on his inability to deal with problems. Do I really need to post that YouTube video again, the one where Niall Ferguson hammers Obama and Clinton for not having a plan to deal with Mubarak’s fall? Predictable events (that an old guy would get too sick to continue ruling Egypt) simply blindsided these incompetents. Having a plan, along with the awareness of several contingencies if the original plan didn’t turn out, is absolutely within the President’s (and the State Department’s) job description.

    They screwed the pooch there, because they thought that the Twittering Idiots that hit above their weight class in America in 2008 are anything other than a punch line overseas.

    I only wish that WRM would see the light, that HRC will be but more of the same.

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