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Pipeline Politics
Pipeline Politics
Trump Green-Lights Dakota Access Pipeline

Oil could start traveling the controversial project by June.

Pipeline Politics
Does Canada Still Need Keystone?

Trump’s support isn’t by itself enough to finish construction on the languishing pipeline.

Pipeline Politics
Keystone XL and DAPL Are Back

Keystone XL and DAPL never had much relationship with environmental health and safety.

Pipeline Politics
LNG Isn’t Freeing Europe from Gazprom Yet

But U.S. shale gas could start heading Europe’s way in volume later this year.

Pipeline Politics
Dakota Pipeline Protests Putting More Crude on Trains

Less crude traveling by pipeline just means more crude traveling by rail. That’s a danger to public health.

Pipeline Politics
Old Pipes Threaten American Energy Security

More than three-fifths of America’s fuel pipelines were built before 1970. That’s a problem.

Pipeline Politics
What TurkStream Means

Turkey gets discount gas, but Russia gets to turn the screws on Ukraine while securing its hold on the European market—for now.

Pipeline Politics
Canada Proposes a National Carbon Price

Not all of its provinces are thrilled.

Pipeline Politics
Why Is Gazprom So Intent on Nord Stream 2?

It’s a big geopolitical gamble, with huge potential upsides for the Kremlin.

Pipeline Politics
Bottlenecks Threaten Energy Security in Northeastern US

Natural gas production is rising quickly in the northeast, but pipeline bottlenecks are holding the boom back.

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And that’s just as “flawed” of a modern energy source as it sounds.

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China’s suspension of coal imports from North Korea serves as both a warning to Pyongyang and a signal to Washington.

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Ridership is down, and there are reasons to believe it may never recover.

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California’s utopian high-speed rail project just got another wrench thrown in its gears—this time by the Trump administration.

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…And it wasn’t long ago that the U.S. was worried about LNG imports.

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