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Frack Baby Frack
Frack Baby Frack
Shale Gas Drags US Energy Emissions to 25-Year Low

Fracking is elbowing out coal and bringing U.S. energy-related emissions down in the process.

Frack Baby Frack
Shale Is Hale in the American Northeast, Too

Natural gas is booming in the Appalachian basin.

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How Far Can American Shale Go?

Bargain crude dealt US shale a temporary setback, but the EIA expects output to climb 45 percent in the coming years.

Frack Baby Frack
The World Is Gassing Up on US Shale

Shale gas supplies are going to have a field day over the next 25 years, and the United States is going to lead the way.

Frack Baby Frack
America Will Lead Global Shale Growth

Global tight oil production will more than double by 2040, led by growth in the United States.

Frack Baby Frack
Resilient Shale Producers Get Their Second Wind

$50 crude is breathing new life into an American shale industry that has struggled in recent months.

Frack Baby Frack
Have You Thanked Shale Today?

Thanks to fracking, American natural gas production will exceed consumption in 2018.

Frack Baby Frack
Shale Driving Green Growth, Visualized

Fracking helped bring American emissions from energy consumption down 12 percent from 2005 to 2015.

Frack Baby Frack
How Cheap Energy Helps American Families

Falling oil and gas prices are lowering the cost of living for millions of Americans.

Frack Baby Frack
This Is the Year Shale Gas Knocks Out US Coal

The Energy Information Administration projects that for the first time ever, natural gas will produce more electricity than coal this year.

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