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Frack Baby Frack
Population Density Is America’s Shale Success Secret
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  • Frank Natoli

    Most those shale formations are in sparsely populated parts of the country.
    And the considerable conventionally extractible oil in ANWR, which using horizontally drilling requires postage stamp sized rigs, are in UNINHABITED parts of the country.
    Yet Democrats spiked that oil for over twenty years.
    That all changes on January 20, 2017.

    • JR

      Like you, I’m a resident of NJ and boy am I glad nat gas is cheap.

      • Frank Natoli

        Unfortunately, I live in semi-rural Warren, use fuel oil, whose price is going UP.

  • rheddles

    Good post, poor color selection.

    • Disappeared4x

      ‘Fake’ mapmaking may now be worse than ‘fake’ news. This is what happens when GIS (geo-spatial) software is (ab-)used by digital analysts. A real mapmaker was NOT involved with these images. No legend, and, to your point “poor color selection”, use a transparent light blue or gray for the shale formation overlay!

  • rheddles

    One other thing I noticed is that a whole lot more people live in Lake Michigan than I had ever imagined.

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