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Frack Attack
Frack Attack
Canada and the US Pile Pressure on Struggling Energy Producers

Justin Trudeau and Barack Obama just announced a plan to cut methane emissions from oil and gas drilling by 40-45% by 2025.

Frack Attack
Shale Not So Hale in the Northeast

New York rubber-stamped a fracking ban this week, while the prospects for Pennsylvania’s shale industry darkened.

Frack Attack
Saudis Seducing U.S. Shale Workers

Saudi Arabia’s state-owned oil firm is luring laid-off American shale workers to frack the Middle East.

Frack Attack
How Shale is Helping America’s Trade Balance

A flood of shale oil helped exports of non-crude petroleum product exports grow for the 13th consecutive year.

Frack Attack
What to Make of the American Rig Count Drop

The number of active US rigs dropped to its lowest level since 2011, but it’s not time to panic yet.

Frack Attack
The Fallout from the NY Fracking Ban

While greens applauded Cuomo’s decision to ban fracking, many are concerned that the state is losing a crucial economic opportunity.

Frack Attack
Shale Is Keeping Putin Awake at Night

The fracking boom has unlocked massive new reserves of American natural gas, which to this point have largely been consumed domestically. But as the U.S. builds out its LNG export infrastructure, Europe is readying import terminals in an attempt to loosen Gazprom’s grip on the continent.

Frack Attack
Shale Productivity Shows No Signs of Slowing

Drilling productivity in Texas’s Eagle Ford formation continues to improve, as drillers perfect their techniques and get more oil out of every well.

Frack Attack
Shale Is America's Answer to Russia's Energy Weapon

Oil prices just hit a ninth month low, in large part thanks to new supplies of North American crude. Shale both threatens Russia’s economy and blunts one of its biggest geopolitical weapons.

Frack Attack
It's Good to Be Shale King

Thanks to fracking, the U.S. is dominating the refined petroleum products market. A new IEA report predicts that the rest of the world will jump on the shale bandwagon by the end of the decade, but America has built up an impressive head start.

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Walter Russell Mead & Staff
Political Economy

If America’s economic momentum persists, Trump may once again prove harder to stop than his opponents imagine.

Reforming China

Even a Chinese state think tank speaks the ugly truth.

Higher Ed Shake Up

Ten months of code camp beats four years of ‘business communications’.

Middle East Aflame

General Mattis wants an early chance to roll back Iranian gains in the region, and despite the risks, Yemen seems like a tempting place to start.

Development in Africa

Events in Ivory Coast remind us that rising expectations produce more revolutions than poverty.


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