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Biofuel Boondoggle
Biofuel Boondoggle
We’ve Hit the Blend Wall

Nearly all American gasoline is blended with 10 percent ethanol.

Biofuel Boondoggle
America’s Ethanol Industry Shows Why it Needs Subsidies

Biofuel producers are sinking as their government subsidies are being cut—hardly the sign of a healthy industry.

Biofuel Boondoggle
America’s Biggest Corn Ethanol Producer Rethinking Future

Cheap oil and waning political support have the top U.S. corn ethanol producer reevaluating the industry.

Biofuel Boondoggle
Corn Ethanol Isn’t Green, Study Confirms

New research says that ethanol distilled from corn can actually raise greenhouse gas emissions. Remind us why we’re mandating this, again?

Biofuel Boondoggle
American Ethanol on the Rocks

The ethanol industry retrenched this week after two “destination” plants closed their doors.

Biofuel Boondoggle
Behold the RINsanity

Newly released data sheds light on the dysfunctional accreditation system behind America’s biofuel mandates.

Biofuel Boondoggle
A Post-Mortem of Big Corn's December Defeat

Last November, the EPA did an utterly sensible thing: It walked back on mandates for refiners to blend ever-increasing amounts of ethanol in to our nation’s fuel mix. Now, Reuters has a fascinating post-mortem on the thinking behind that decision.

Biofuel Boondoggle
Ethanol: A Matryoshka Doll of Fraud

The EPA invalidated 33.5 million renewable fuel credits (RINs, for shorthand) on Wednesday for the simple reason that the company that sold the credits didn’t actually produce the fuel. It’s the fourth case of fraud for America’s biofuels boondoggle, but the RFS itself is an even bigger fraud than cons taking place within it.

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Walter Russell Mead & Staff
Crude Economics

London is using both carrot and stick to keep offshore oil output up.

Greeks Bearing Debts

Greece’s recurrent crisis is the result of bad Greek and German decisions alike. Only one is in year eight of a depression as a result.

Frack Baby Frack

Abundant shale gas brought natural gas prices to historic lows—and made the US a net exporter of the hydrocarbon.

WRM Elsewhere

Walter Russell Mead tackles the question.

Silicon Valley All Grown Up

Is Silicon Valley getting tired of blue governance?

Military Spending

The UK government promises that Britain’s new aircraft carriers will have aircraft.

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