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A New Middle East?
A New Middle East?
Turkey at the Turning Point

Ankara cuts deals with Iran and Brussels in same weekend it moves to crush opposition.

A New Middle East?
A U.S. Blueprint for Syria

Why does Russia always seem to be a step ahead of the U.S. in Syria? The answer is simple: Moscow knows exactly what it wants, and the U.S. doesn’t.

A New Middle East?
Ready For a Black Gold Rush?

Now that Mexico’s energy reforms are all but certain to go through, countries around the world are preparing to move in on the imminently available new energy market. The US has the expertise to frack Mexico’s prodigious shale reserves, but Asia has the demand to make it a strong investor in Mexico’s hydrocarbon riches.

A New Middle East?
Energy Reform A Reality in Mexico

Far reaching reforms like those passed last night in Mexico make it likely that our neighbor will see a huge job-creating bonanza in oil and gas production. The United States stands to benefit in several ways.

A New Middle East?
Mexican Senate Passes Energy Reform

The Mexican Senate passed an historic energy reform bill late last night. The bill now heads to the lower house, where it is expected to pass. The reforms could kick-start the country’s stagnating oil and gas production and help it realize its goal of becoming the world’s “new Middle East.”

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good causes & bad advocates

The organization’s reckless and misleading use of its imprimatur is poisonous for public debate.


Members failed to produce enough votes to block the cultivation of two new GM crops.


Angela Merkel’s Christian Democrats defied pollsters’ predictions on Sunday, trouncing Martin Schulz’s Social Democrats in a closely watched election in Saarland.

"Peak" Oil?

The UK may have just found its biggest new reserve of offshore crude this century.

Land of the Rising Gun

Shinzo Abe is not letting the North Korean crisis go to waste.


The Obama Recovery didn’t do much for the housing sector.

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