A New Middle East?
Mexican Senate Passes Energy Reform
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  • Jacksonian_Libertarian

    “the country’s state-owned oil monopoly Pemex”

    If the Bill doesn’t privatize the oil industry, and break up the monopoly, it will fail to improve anything. The Monopoly may be able to contract for one of the US drillers with proprietary fracking technology to come develop their oil. But, they are going to have to pay competitively with the profits these drillers are already making drilling on private land in the US. If I was an oil driller I would demand cash up front, from a country that has already proven it will steal everything you develop.

  • Hubbub

    And, suddenly, Mexico will evolve into a first world country with plenty of jobs, good schools, and a surging middle class. The Mexican government and people will, in short, welcome with open arms United States citizens looking for work – work that Mexicans won’t do. Oh, yes, a new day is dawning for our neighbors, nay, our partners, to the south. Optimism – oh, doubt, where is thy sting?

    • El Gringo

      Snide comments aside, Mexico’s economy has performed rather well over the past decade, outperforming the United States every year but one since 2004. The country is rapdily growing into a middle-class economy. While it still faces massive challenges, including it’s continued drug cartels and endemic corruption, Mexico’s future is as bright as any time since the signing of NAFTA. And yes, Mexico does now and will increasingly welcome, with open arms, United States citizens looking for work – work in jobs requiring educated and skilled labor. Such as the petroleum industry.

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