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Vladislav Inozemtsev
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Yes, Sanctions Work

The old wise-man consensus about the inefficacy of economic sanctions is truly old. Turns out they often work pretty well these days.

Russia's Economy
The Ruble’s Wild Ride

Nothing short of a miracle will prevent a sharp economic decline in Russia in the coming year, but don’t expect Putin’s popularity to take a big hit because of it.

Exit Strategies
Playing the Long Game with Russia

The West’s Russia strategy should focus on stopping it softly, not on humiliating it.

Thinking Three Moves Ahead
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How To Win Ukraine and Influence The Future

Kiev has de facto lost control over Crimea and parts of its east. The way forward is not to fight to get them back by force, however, but to win them back by demonstrating that a pro-EU orientation brings with it prosperity. The West must help make this a reality.

Cops and Robbers
Unequivocal Resolve in the Anti-Corruption Fight

The first step in the global fight against corruption should be to cut the flow of illicit funds into developed countries—not to fight corruption in the third world, but to contain it there.

Cops and Robbers
The Corruption Contagion

Corruption, one of the most pernicious threats to global security and prosperity, thrives because it hides in plain sight. A provocative new book by Laurence Cockcroft helps us get around the thorny question of how to define it.

Russia’s Pacific Destiny

Russia and America are natural allies in the north Pacific.

The Cultural Contradictions of Democracy

The main threats to democracy lie within liberal societies themselves.

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Asia's Game of Thrones

As Duterte continues to slam the U.S. and look to China, Japan is caught in an awkward position.


By snubbing nuclear power, Berlin has consigned itself to decades of coal dependence.

The European Immigration Crisis

There is nothing so permanent as a temporary measure.

Miracles Can Happen

It’s probably not a model for the country (as some analysts would have it), but it shows that compromise is possible when all parties involved are committed to finding a practical solution.

Putin on a show?

Russia’s advantage in Syria is a matter of political will, not technical capability.

Higher Education Watch

Colleges make resident assistants “mandatory reporters” for potential Title IX violations.

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