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Alan W. Dowd
South China Sea on a Boil
Keeping the Open Seas Open

Rumor has it that the Obama Administration has given the Navy a green light to conduct freedom of navigation operations in the South China Seas. It’s about time.

Russia and the West
Sean Gallup/Getty Images
Answer the Baltics’ S.O.S.

Approving the Baltic states’ request for a permanent NATO military presence is the best way to prevent war with Russia and preserve the alliance.

Churchill at 140
Cure for a World Adrift

November 30 marks the 140th anniversary of Winston Churchill’s birth, and his thoughts on strength, deterrence, and the great world powers are as insightful today as they were in his own time.

A Confused and Confusing Foreign Policy

“Americans,” Robert Kaplan has observed, “champion idealism while employing realists perhaps because we need to have a high opinion of ourselves while pursuing our own interests.” There’s a lot of truth to this. After all, beneath the soaring rhetoric about spreading freedom and democracy, the most successful foreign-policy presidents tend to espouse a kind of […]

Canada to Join the Missile Defense Team? It’s About Time

Reports that Ottawa and Washington have resumed their delicate missile-defense discussions suggest that Canada may be ready to join the global missile-defense coalition. If so, it would be a welcome development.The operative word here is “global.” The missile shield now taking shape is a truly international missile defense (IMD) enfolding some of Canada’s closest allies […]

The Drone Race Is On

For policymakers, the main appeal of unmanned combat aerial vehicles (UCAVs) is that by keeping pilots and ground crews far from harm’s way, they dramatically reduce the political risks and costs of conducting military operations. That explains why the Obama administration is relying on drones to play the lead role in what used to be […]

A Rapid Revolution

It seems that each week brings with it another news item about some jaw-dropping development in drone technology. Take, for example, the recent report in Britain’s Guardian newspaper that scientists at Northrop Grumman and Sandia National Laboratories are working on plans for nuclear-powered drones capable of loitering over target areas for months at a time. […]

The Brewing Backlash against the Drone War

For most Americans, the so-called drone war is a no-brainer: maximum lethality delivered at low economic cost, with zero risk to American personnel—all buffered by the virtual-reality nature of a delivery system that keeps the consequences safely out of sight. That explains why a stunning 83 percent of the country supports President Barack Obama’s use […]

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Walter Russell Mead & Staff
Crude Economics

If the Saudis don’t bite the bullet next month, the cartel’s relevance will fade significantly.

Why We Can't Have Nice Things

An expert working on the project cautions the MTA may miss its next deadline.

Higher Ed Shake Up

New low-cost programs are carving out a critical space in the U.S. higher education system.


Hint: it isn’t pretty.

Blue Model Blues

Kicking the can down the road is turning into a hobby for PA lawmakers.

Xi who must be obeyed

The Chinese President’s new status as “core” leader will strengthen his hand, but rifts remain within the Party.

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