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Peter Berger
Religion & Other Curiosities
November 28, 2012


Recently, on the same day, I came across two religious news items that made me think again about a topic which has long interested me: that of dialogue between religious traditions. The first item was a story in the British Catholic periodical The Tablet on November 10, 2012. It concerns a collaborative project of the […]

November 21, 2012

Sandy and the God Problem

On All Saints Day in 1755 a powerful earthquake destroyed most of the city of Lisbon. The earthquake, which was followed by a huge tsunami, devastated large areas of Portugal, Spain and Morocco, claiming tens of thousands of lives. As such natural disorders always do, it raised religious questions in many minds—in supposedly Christian Europe […]

November 14, 2012

Are Presbyterians anti-Semitic?

As was widely reported in both religious and secular media, on October 5, 2012, a letter highly critical of Israel was sent to Congress by leaders of most of the major mainline Protestant denominations and the National Council of Churches (which is dominated by them). The denominations include the biggies—the Presbyterian Church (USA), the United […]

November 7, 2012

Creationism on Capitol Hill

The online periodical Huffington Post had the following story on October 10, 2012: Paul Broun, a Republican congressman from Georgia, made a speech at a Baptist church in which he affirmed his creationist convictions. Broun is a doctor and on the basis of this claimed to speak “as a scientist” (if only he were right […]

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