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Published on: November 30, 2012
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  • steven jerome sattler

    if the UNGA vote includes borders — definitive or not – would not that make the “all green” maps (from jordan to the med) obsolete? and if so, intended consequence or not, is this a good thing?

  • Andrew P

    A conflict like the Israeli-Palestinian one can be solved in only one way – one side must win a victory on the battlefield that is so total, so final, as absolute that the other side can never come back. One must win, one must lose, and the loser must be extinguished forever.

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    It seems that no one wants to speak of the “elephant in the room.” That element is Islam itself.

    As increasing numbers of Arab States become aligned to governing according to Sharia Law, it is absolutely essential that Israel be explicitly recognized as a Jewish state, simply because Sharia does not recognized the legimitacy of the Jews or a Jewish State, simply because Sharia Law forbids it.
    The PLO, Hamas, Muslim Brotherhood, et al all have the stated goal of destroying the Nation of Israel, precisely because it is a Jewish State.

  • Elliott

    Adam Garfinkle should read over again the 1988 PLO declaration of a state. It does not at all accept UN GA res 181 [the partition recommendation]. Rather it views 181 as an expedient that can be used for Palestinian Arab political purposes. But maybe Adam has read a misleading translation of the 1988 declaration. There are several around. Prof. Rafael Israeli of the Hebrew Univ & Truman Institute says that the declaration in Arabic claims the whole country and does not recognize Israel or any Jewish state as recommended by 181.

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