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Peter Berger
Religion & Other Curiosities
September 10, 2014
The Many Altars of Modernity

The New Evangelization and its Assumptions

There is an underlying assumption shared by both religious conservatives and their progressive antagonists (they just differ on what to do about it): that modernity means a decline of religion and its concomitant morality. That’s not exactly right, however.

September 3, 2014
Religious Freedom

Coca-Cola and Interfaith Understanding

If you want to get businesses to support your cause, appeal to their interests rather than moral principles.

August 27, 2014
Religion and Pluralism

Interreligious Theology?

Though the official guardians of religious tradition have typically looked askance at the idea of interreligious dialogue, the practice of coming to terms intellectually with other faiths has a long and rich history.

August 20, 2014
Religion and Modernity

Exporting the American Culture War

America’s cultural left and right have globalized the battle over questions of sexuality.

August 13, 2014
Religion and Modernity


There is something attractive about a group that calls itself “a community of seekers.” The term nicely fits most of us today.

August 6, 2014
A War By Another Name

The Geography of Horror

We are in effect at war with Islamist radicalism. It is very unhelpful if this reality is denied, as the Obama administration has tried to do.

July 30, 2014
Natural Law

A Vatican Work Sheet

It is believed by many that the only alternative to natural law is moral relativism. This a misleading idea. One may acknowledge the empirical fact that all moral judgments are relative in that they are determined by location in time and place. Nevertheless, this does not mean that moral judgments cannot themselves attain a certainty which surpasses science itself.

July 23, 2014
Strategy at the C. of E.

The Archbishop Smiled

The Archbishop of Canterbury’s strong support for the recently announced measure to allow women to become bishops in the Church of England may have been an astute political move.

July 17, 2014
Pluralism and Globalization

Mormons in the Caucasus and Taoist Nuns in Midtown Manhattan

Pluralism, and not secularization, is the major contemporary challenge to religious faith.

July 9, 2014
Pro-Life versus Pro-Choice

Two Misleading Banners

The abortion fight in the United States is one of the most intractable facets of the culture war. Time for an exercise of semantic hygiene with the terminology used by both sides in this conflict.

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