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April 21, 2014
A Conversation With William Browder

How to Wield the Capital Weapon

In mid-April, American Interest publisher Charles Davidson spoke with Hermitage Capital co-founder and CEO William Browder about the ongoing impact of the Magnitsky Act, which he championed, amid the Ukraine crisis and the intensifying worldwide fight against financial corruption.

Jewcentricity Watch

The Sources of Egyptian Anti-Semitism

From liberals to Islamists, one of the only ideas that binds Egyptians is anti-Semitism. Where did it come from? Why is Egyptian culture so drenched in this toxic ideology? And what does it mean for the world and for Egypt’s future?

April 20, 2014

BRIC Bust?

The very structural characteristics that launched the economic successes of Brazil, Russia, India, and China are now holding them back.


Republican Prudence

Four basic principles defined the Founders’ foreign policy. We need to re-learn them.


Conservative Internationalism

The old foreign policy “schools” debate is exhausted. We need a new synthesis.


Progressive Pragmatism

The Obama Administration represents the dawn of a new and superior conception of American foreign policy.

Homo Americanus

On the Ragged Edge

Working abroad for the U.S. government in the darkest corners of human depravity can make a person very unwell.


Gendered Orientalism

Lila Abu-Lughod claims that the supposedly oppressed women of the Muslim world don’t need the help of the enlightened West. Turns out, she’s right.


The Eclectic Brilliance of Edmund Phelps

A 2006 Nobel laureate in economics reaches across disciplines to explore the nature of innovation.



A lot of journalists love to hate Rupert Murdoch. One too many, perhaps?

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