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Bitter Boundary Dispute Roils India, China Relations

The boundary disputes unsettling the peace of Asia don’t just involve tiny islands in the South China Sea. Himalayan glaciers and valleys are also involved — and it’s not just India and Pakistan who are at daggers drawn in the Asian high country. India and China have never settled their disputed land border. They fought […]

Iraq Update: Al-Qaeda Making a Comeback

A string of deadly bombings, ominous threats broadcast online, and a chain of assassinations of city councilmen: witness the opening act of the return of al-Qaeda in Iraq. The NYT reports that local representatives, or mukhtars, in Baquba have resigned en masse after being targeted for assassination by al-Qaeda fighters attempting to renew their presence in one of their old neighborhoods: […]

A Conversation Starts on the Asia Pivot

We’ve called for a national debate on the so-called Asia pivot announced at the start of this year, and it appears we’re starting to get one. The New York Times has a brief article summarizing a study commissioned by Senators Carl Levin, Jim Webb, and John McCain. The main criticism found in the report seems to be that the […]

The Recession Is So Bad Even Harvard Has to Innovate

The economy is so bad that even Harvard is having to cut costs these days. The Wall Street Journal reports that, after the recession lowered the university’s endowment by nearly $5 billion, it has been putting a number of projects on hold to save cash. At first, the cuts were skin-deep ones, limited to postponing construction […]

Bulgarian Bombing Update: No (Official) Update

Almost two weeks since the terrorist bombing of a busload of Israeli tourists in Bulgaria, officials in Sofia remain reluctant to assign responsibility for the attack, despite firm insistence by U.S. authorities that a Hezbollah cell carried out the deadly strike. Bulgaria’s reticence undoubtedly reflects the fecklessness of the European Union, which is determined to […]

Health Care in MA Is Bad Omen for Obamacare

Opponents of the Affordable Care Act predict the law will play out in four steps: Put government in charge of healthcare. Be shocked by rising costs. Begin micromanagement and cost controls. Endless pain. Massachusetts, the model for the federal law, seems to have moved to step three, with a vote set this week on measures […]

Maryland’s Pension Performance a “Minor Disaster”

According to the Maryland Reporter, Maryland’s state pension system earned a blistering 0.36 percent over the past year. The numbers came in just a wee bit off their target of 7.75 percent: The results “look like a minor disaster for fiscal 2011,” said Jeff Hooke, an investment banker who is chairman of the Maryland Tax […]

Ebola Spreads to Kampala; Outbreak Still Uncontained

One infected passenger on one international flight; that’s how far the world is from the biggest health scare ever. This is how bad science fiction movies start: An ebola outbreak has now spread to Uganda’s capital, Kampala. The outbreak, which began in the Kibaale District of Uganda three weeks ago, has claimed at least 14 lives, […]

Turkey Edges Toward Syria Invasion, Iran Threatens Response

The world is a couple of steps closer to a new Middle East war this morning. Even as the bloodshed in Syria gets worse and government gunships and artillery pound rebel controlled neighborhoods in the country’s largest city, Turkey is moving closer to striking Syria, and Iran is threatening to respond. Turkey has sent troops […]

2nd India Blackout Hits 600 Million, Power Riots in Pakistan

Today, 670 million people are without power in India, doubling the number affected by yesterday’s major blackout. Neighboring Pakistan is also having problems, the FT reports: Ramadan usually offers a respite from power cuts in Pakistan, but this year people have taken to the streets to protest against having had no electricity for up to […]

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Crude Economics

By rejecting production cuts, OPEC is preparing to go toe to toe with the American shale boom.

The latest snarl in Sino-Russian relations?

Can deft diplomacy paper over this scandal?

Iran Unbowed

Ayatollah Khamanei has celebrated that the West and its allies have failed to “bring Iran to its knees.” His assessment is shared by an unlikely group: Israel and a host of U.S. Senators.

Ukrainian Reality

The numbers of deaths and casualties in eastern Ukraine from the months since the Minsk accords belie the claim that there ever was a real ceasefire at all: If anything, the fighting actually worsened after the agreement.

China's Bubble

Researchers calculate that $7 trillion has been wasted on ‘ineffective investments’ by China since the global financial crisis. How this plays out is anyone’s guess, but the least likely scenario is a smooth landing.

Case Study: Taxis

The old regulated taxi system was one of the classic examples of the blue model system. Internet startups, tapping into long-simmering consumer discontent with the old ways, are hastening its demise. It’s a representative slice of a much bigger trend.

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