2nd India Blackout Hits 600 Million, Power Riots in Pakistan
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  • Jim.

    On the plus side, they’re not contributing to global warming this way.

  • Kenny

    Despite some thin veneer of modernity brought about by importation of Western technology and ideas, India is still a backward, Third World country.

    The surprise here is not that the electrical power went out for over 600 million people in India but that they even had power in the first place.

  • vanderleun

    “…. and both countries face serious political constraints that make the problem hard to solve.”

    Well, that’s sort of a toss off. Like, say, what for instance?

    I appreciate that with India and especially Pakistan there is no end to the list of “problems,” but what subset makes it a given that this sort of basic utility cannot be supplied on a dependable basis. Is it the style of government or do various bureaus within the government attract and retain especially stupid and ineffective people?

  • Anthony

    Precisely, what governmental shortcomings are being ascribed to both Pakistan and India via power grid delivery – are constraints sole political?

  • Atanu Maulik

    We may not be able to set records at the Olympics, but we can definitely create world records as far power outages are concerned. After 300 million people were plunged into darkness on Monday after India’s northern power grid collapsed, India bettered it’s own world record in less than 24 hrs as 600 million people were left without power on Tuesday as India’s eastern and north-eastern grids joined the northern one in tripping. Beat that China !

  • I heard one Indian analyst claim that the national grid had improved markedly over the last decade. That is likely true. Yet a blackout such as this is surely a public relations disaster for attracting investors. India does not have a system for tracking geographic demand for electricity, a key limitation that must be addressed.

  • Eurydice

    So, what does this do to the Asian Game of Thrones?

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