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Walter Russell Mead & Staff
Crude Economics

Moscow just promised to cut its oil output, but that promise rings hollow.

Asia's Game of Thrones

China’s seizure of Singapore’s troop carriers is a power move that sends a signal about Beijing’s displeasure with the Lion City.

Burma's Rohingyas
Looking Ahead

Nancy Pelosi’s re-election at House Minority Leader suggests that even the 2016 disaster has not yet weakened the establishment’s iron grip over Democratic power centers.

The Vapors

The inability of U.S. diplomats to explain Trump and his worldview to their foreign interlocutors is likely to be a more serious problem for American foreign policy than any early flubs by the President-elect.

The North American Energy Boom

Our southern neighbor is benefiting from the shale boom, too.

Cyber Insecurity

A massive cyber attack on Saudi Arabia could bring serious geopolitical blowback.

confirmation bias
A United Front?

The Palestinian president is talking up a new unity government, but it is highly doubtful he can deliver.

Donald Trump's World
Asia's Game of Thrones

A new intelligence sharing agreement reflects Japan and South Korea’s rapprochement, and China is none too pleased.

The New Jewish Question
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The Longest Hatred
As Trump’s election and its aftermath show, Jews still play a role in the passion plays of others.
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The Populist Surge
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Countering ISIS
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China Crisis
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Russia and the West
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The Sinews of Peace
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The AI Podcast
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A User’s Guide to Free Speech
A User’s Guide to Free Speech
A User’s Guide to Free Speech
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