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Golden State Blues
Golden State Blues
Californians Are About to Start Noticing the Pension Crisis

The tightening pension vise will force tax increases and austerity in the Golden State.

Golden State Blues
How Kamala Harris Killed California Pension Reform

The state’s newly-minted Senator tilted the playing field in favor of public sector unions.

Golden State Blues
California’s Housing Market is a Disaster for Millennials

California’s high-end housing market is one of the most attractive for America’s rich. The market for starter homes? Not so much.

Golden State Blues
California Democrats: Teachers Shouldn’t Pay Taxes

The latest bad idea produced by the Golden State’s Democratic legislators.

Golden State Blues
CA Public Sector Pensions Higher Than Private Sector Salaries

A nice racket—while it lasts.

Golden State Blues
California’s Pension Crisis Has Arrived

How long before voters demand a change?

Golden State Blues
Why California Can’t Build More Housing

Labor unions side with NIMBYs to block a measure that would slow the growth in housing costs.

Golden State Blues
The Fruits of Pension Politicization

In California, pensioners have taken a back seat to well-connected corporations and fashionable liberal political causes.

Golden State Blues
Another California Rail Fail

The high-speed rail increasingly looks like a last-ditch effort to project 20th-century ideas about transportation into the future.

Golden State Blues
Why Can’t California Cut Prison Costs?

A part of the answer: prison guard unions.

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Walter Russell Mead & Staff
Power Shift

Unlike the United States, this shift isn’t being driven by price.


The normally discreet Gulf Cooperation Council is embroiled in an unusually public spat with Qatar.

WRM Elsewhere

“Brzezinski’s ability to package his depth of insight and breadth of vision into a form that worked in the Washington policy process, and was influential, is really an outstanding accomplishment.”

At Home

A reminder that under the strain of war and political polarization, the United States is slowly becoming an uglier and more dangerous place.

retirement crisis

Young Americans expect to lean more heavily on Social Security when they retire. But the system is underfunded.

Hail Shale

Give shale the credit it’s due this holiday weekend.

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