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Deadly Disease
Deadly Disease
Superbugs Breaching Last Antibiotic Barrier

Bacteria with a new gene that makes them resistant to the most powerful antibiotics have been found in humans.

Deadly Disease
Ebola Still Lives

The international panic over Ebola has died down, but the disease is still spreading in Africa.

Deadly Disease
Ebola Could Push African Countries into Civil War

Liberia’s Information Minister warned the international community that Ebola could bring down his country’s political and economic infrastructure. More failed states in Africa could be the scariest potential outcome of the epidemic.

Deadly Disease
Ebola Epidemic Defies Containment Efforts

Ebola is springing back up in areas where health workers thought it was contained as carriers of the virus continue to travel about. How far will it spread next?

Deadly Disease
A Second Strain of Ebola?

The DR Congo confirmed that the Ebola virus has infected one of its provinces—and it might be a different strain from the one in West Africa.

Deadly Disease
Ebola Virus Flies to Nigeria

A man infected by the Ebola virus flew to Lagos, capital of Nigeria, where he has since died. The epidemic shows no signs of slowing, and it is proving extremely difficult to control.

Deadly Disease
Ebola Outbreak Spikes in Liberia and Sierra Leone

The Ebola death toll has climbed in Sierra Leone and Liberia, and now surpasses 600. Panic is spreading, both within these countries and their neighbors.

Deadly Disease
In Liberia, Concealing Ebola Victims Is a Crime

The Liberian President has threatened to prosecute anyone who conceals a victim of the Ebola virus. As the death toll climbs, health organizations and governments are scrambling to control the worst ever outbreak of the virus.

Deadly Disease
Ebola Outbreak Requires "Drastic Action"

The death toll from the Ebola virus in West Africa is now higher than 300, with over 600 infected. Health organizations say it requires an urgent response.

Deadly Disease
Ebola Reaches Liberia's Capital City

Ebola has claimed seven more lives in Liberia’s capital, Monrovia. These are the first cases in Liberia since April—which only proves of how difficult it is to manage and contain this horrible disease.

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