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China's Crackdowns
China's Crackdowns
Chinese Authorities Fear 90s Nostalgia

Chinese authorities are cracking down on celebrations of Jiang Zemin.

China's Crackdowns
Chinese Regulators Squeeze Western Media

A more restrictive Beijing likely signals that China’s leadership is scared of what’s ahead for China’s economy.

China's Crackdowns
Beijing to Chinese Citizens: Watch Yourselves

Xi Jinping’s China is doubling down on its 70s nostalgia, reestablishing a Maoist system of social control that puts a policeman on every block and an informer in every social network.

China's Crackdowns
5 Cultists Sentenced to Death as China Faces Christian Surge

Five members of the Church of the Almighty God, a Chinese cult, have been sentenced to death for the fatal beating of a woman whom they were trying to convert to their cult. Official efforts to combat not just fringe cults but also more mainstream Christian churches in China have deep historical roots.

China's Crackdowns
China "Rescues" Muslim Children from Madrassas

China’s sweeps of Muslim religious schools are part of Beijing’s latest effort to exert control over its far-flung provinces and minority populations.

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Walter Russell Mead & Staff
Power Shift

Unlike the United States, this shift isn’t being driven by price.


The normally discreet Gulf Cooperation Council is embroiled in an unusually public spat with Qatar.

WRM Elsewhere

“Brzezinski’s ability to package his depth of insight and breadth of vision into a form that worked in the Washington policy process, and was influential, is really an outstanding accomplishment.”

At Home

A reminder that under the strain of war and political polarization, the United States is slowly becoming an uglier and more dangerous place.

retirement crisis

Young Americans expect to lean more heavily on Social Security when they retire. But the system is underfunded.

Hail Shale

Give shale the credit it’s due this holiday weekend.

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