Between Relativism and Fundamentalism

Neither relativism nor fundamentalism offers a basis for reasoned discourse on moral choices. We need a revitalized “protestant” middle way.

Will the Real Leo Strauss Please Stand Up?

Leo Strauss rarely opined on foreign policy. But when he did, his conclusions diverged from those that animated U.S. decisions in Iraq.

Deep and Wide

American Evangelicals are far more diverse than media caricatures aver.

A Quarter Century of Broken Windows

There’s no keeping a good idea down—not that some won’t try.

Debt Becomes Us?

A star Financial Times analyst explains the world's weird capital flows and suggests ways to avoid another global economic crisis.

The Boss, Rooted

Bruce Springsteen’s latest is an acoustic history lesson you can dance to.

Capital Ideas

There’s not one kind of capitalism but four. The differences matter–a lot.

Will the House Come to Order?

The former Congressman takes the measure of a new history of the House.

Goodbye Godzilla, Hello Kitty

What Japan’s pop-culture products tell us about its struggles with defeat, democratization and globalization.

Toolbox: Dirty Money

Eight suggestions for stopping over $1 trillion worth of ill-gotten gains from flowing annually across international borders.

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